Our Artisan

04-21-2005 11;25;17AMI have now seen more thanĀ 845 moons (65 years). I’m very thankful for my education, Triangle 1where mythology, classic literature, women’s studies and the abundance of diverse, challenging educational forums offered through the Five College Consortium both whetted and guided my curiosity.

Goddess RobesGoddess Robes is an agent in bringing Divine Feminine nature to the forefront of present culture and allowing it to be recognized in every woman (and man).

For a woman to choose and manifest her goddess symbols and thereby provide a visual testimony of her presence and power is the ultimate goal of Goddess Robes. With dignity, grace and strength a Goddess Robe can speak eloquently and give voice to the goddess within us all so long silent.

My hand embroidery and seamstress skills continue a craft passed through a long line of grandmothers. In addition to the skills they imparted, I continue to use the scissors and silk threads of my great-grandmother, the seamstress tools of my grandmother, and the hoop of my mother. In addition, my father contributed his skills of beading and embroidery. I am proud to continue these traditions. In sum, I draw upon my heritage, my education and my life to design and craft each piece. The legacy of my ancestors lives through my hands and their vitality manifests through my interpretations.


Diane A. Dupuis