The Classic Robe

Moving swiftly  through the streets of an ancient Greek town, she cares little who might see her as she emerges from one shadow and is swallowed by the next.  A Crone casts an approving eye knowing that certainly such a woman has established her place in the world and has no master. Is it business or pleasure, an appointment or assignation that draws her on so? The Crone only nods and wishes her well, lost in memories.  Her footsteps are soft in the evening air but her movement bespeaks nobility and power.  A robe as gentle as a baby’s kiss and as tender as her lover’s gaze holds her like the warm Mediterranean air.  It whispers quietly of her accomplishments, an unmistakable message even to those who would feign deafness at the herald’s trumpet. The authority, dignity and assurance reflected in the garment, classic in its simplicity, enhance every movement.

Her pace hastens, she has earned this time. There is Athena’s temple, across the square.  There are more people here but they make way for her. Athena rises from the ancient mists and parts the night from the dawn as she ushers in her presence in the world.  You are Athena, you have the authority, the dignity and the presence that emerges from experiences both humble and bold.  Your garment befits your station as an accomplished woman, respected and admired by all.

How is it possible that a garment can impart the image of assurance, an elegant presence that carries the strength and demeanor of the combination of beauty and wisdom that radiates from an intrinsic source? This garment’s lines are “classic ideals” embodied in the simplicity and folds of caressing fabric as grace lends itself to movement.  This Classic Robe gives the illusion that one is moving effortlessly, floating upon those buoyant undercurrents of strength and inspiration.  It imparts a sense of nobility, greatness by virtue of its effortless grace and hidden comfort.  The Classic Robe can be worn as a statement and testimony to your lifelong accomplishments or as a companion to a silken shift lightly revealed through the front full-length opening.