Goddess Robes is your source for truly unique handcrafted custom robes.

hpl1robe (1)Created for women
who know who they are,
what they want and
make no apology for either

Goddess Robes acknowledges the universal identity of woman’s divine nature portraying such characteristics as strength, magic, idealism, realism and each woman’s unique power. The robe reveals a woman’s grace, her sense of personal presence, and is a testimony to the achievements of her life; the robe honors her sense of purpose and recognizes her accomplishments. As an interpretation of the Divine Feminine and enlisting symbols that create personal, meaningful associations, a Goddess Robe links the owner to our collective history as women, as creators, nurturers, leaders and rulers… as Goddesses that have directed the course of history.

hptextboxEach handcrafted robe begins with consultation between the owner and the artist and is created as an interpretation of the goddess within each woman. Your robe will not be just another piece of women’s clothing; it is a unique, one of a kind piece of wearable art that incorporates those goddess images that are important in your life.